Health, gender roles, life styles and quality of life in a sample of men with and without heart disease


1. Evaluate quality of life related to health and its relationship with heart disease in a sample of economically disadvantage men; 

2. Identify life a style, heath believes and behavior and its relationships with masculine gender roles; Describe the experience of heart disease diagnosis in an economically disadvantage group of men. 

Research question: Is adherence to gender norms associated with health behavior, life styles and quality of life on men with heart disease?

Hipothesis: H1: Health behavior and life styles mediate quality of life on men with heart disease; H2: Gender roles moderate the relation among health behavior, life styles and quality of life.

Method: This is a mixed method convergent design with two groups (with and without diagnosis). Prospective participants’ will be recruited using systematic randomization, from health care facilities who serve disadvantage populations on the center region. 


Yarimar Rosa Rodríguez, Ph.D. - yarimar.rosa@upr.edu

José Felicié Mejías, PhD.

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